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Conference Planning Tips: The Benefits Of Shuttle Buses

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If you're organizing a conference, then you'll need to make things as easy as possible for your attendees. While much of your work focuses on the event experience, you can also set up services around your conference days.

For example, you can set up shuttle buses as part of the event. What are the benefits of adding this service to your conference plans?

Dedicated Transport Appeals to Your Attendees

While people attend conferences that are useful to them, they can sometimes pick and choose which events to attend based on the facilities on offer. If they think that they won't find it easy to get to your event, or that their costs will be too high, then they might not attend.

For example, if people will fly to your local airport and will then have a long trip to central hotels, then their extra transport costs and travel times might put them off attending your event. They might worry about picking up cabs or using public transport to get to and from your event every day if they haven't visited your town or city before.

While some people might use or hire a car to make things easier, this solution won't work for every potential attendee, especially if they live some distance away from your conference venue. Their costs will also increase.

A shuttle bus service makes things easier and more cost-effective for your attendees. You can offer to pick people up from the airport and take them back again once the conference is finished. Or, you can set up buses to ferry people between their hotels and your conference venue.

This extra service gives people another reason to attend your conference. They won't have to worry about local transport or additional travel costs. You take better care of them. 

Shuttle Buses Give You More Venue Choice

If people will fly to your conference from all over the country, then you might feel that you have to use a centrally-located venue. You might feel that you need to have your event close to local hotels and motels.

This can limit your choice of the conference venue. You might pay more for a central venue than for one on the outskirts of town even if the more remote venue has better facilities.

If you set up a shuttle bus service, then it's easier to use a non-central venue location. You can bus your conference attendees to the venue and back again. You could get better event facilities and lower rental costs.

To find out more about shuttle buses and how they can make your conference go smoothly, contact event transportation companies.