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5 Things to Know About Driving a Truck With an Overweight Permit

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Will your trucking job be requiring you to transport a load that requires an overweight permit? If this is your first time getting this permit, it helps to know some of the rules and regulations to streamline this process. 

The Use of Weigh Stations

One key difference between an undersized and oversized load is that you will need to start stopping at weight stations that you encounter along your route. Of course, not every weight station is open at all times, but if one of them is marked as being open you are going to have to check in to verify the weight of your cargo. 

The Hours You Can Operate

Be aware that there is likely going to be a curfew in place that determines when you can and cannot operate a vehicle that requires an overweight permit. It is common to now allow drivers to operate overweight vehicles at night, with cut-off times being slightly before sunset and slightly after sundown. This means that your travel time is going to be limited to when there is natural light outside for the safety of you and the drivers around you.

The Lighting and Signage Requirements

Look into what sort of lighting and signage requirements you will need to meet on your vehicle when you have an overweight permit. Many of them are due to oversized loads where the vehicle is wider than certain dimensions, where it must be clearly indicated on the vehicle to make drivers aware that things are a bit off. There will also likely be requirements for additional lights, which include the color of the light and how it moves to alert other drivers.

The Escort Requirements

In some situations, you may even need an escort to drive behind your vehicle if the load you are transporting is really big. This is more common with oversized loads that give a bubble of protection from other drivers, but extremely large loans can require a police escort in some situations. 

The State Requirements

If you are traveling between different states, make sure that you are following the different rules that each state is going to enforce regarding overweight permits. You'll want to ensure that you are following the most conservative rules of all the different states so that you do not run into issues later on when you're on the road and trying to get to your destination by a certain time.