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Why Your Company Should Start Setting Up Airport Shuttle Pick Up For Employees On A Business Trip

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Are your company's executives or other employees starting to go on more and more business trips that include air travel? If so, one way you can provide your employees with greater convenience and other benefits while away from home would be to sign them up for an airport shuttle service in whatever city they are arriving in next. Here's why you should opt to treat your employees to a shuttle service instead of leaving them to find their own taxi or service to get to their hotel or meeting.

Airport Shuttles Typically Have One Set Price 

When it comes to taxis and ride-sharing apps, you typically pay by the mile or for the total amount of time you spend in the vehicle. If your employee lands during a peak time, this could result in additional charges that will end up getting charged to the company credit card or ending up on an expense report. Airport shuttle services typically will advertise one set price for bringing someone from the airport to a specific location such as a hotel or convention center. This means you will know exactly how much your company is spending on travel costs before your employee even lands.

Airport Shuttles Can Save Your Employees Time

Depending on the airport in question, your employee might have to wait in a long line at the taxi stand or compete with numerous other arrivals using ride-sharing apps upon landing. If you have an airport shuttle service already ready to go when they land, the employee can simply walk to the designated area, hop right into the shuttle and be on their way. This will allow the employee more time to freshen up at the hotel before business starts or could help them get right to their first important meeting even faster.

Airport Shuttles Are Safe and Secure

Ride-sharing apps that use regular people as contractors do offer some convenience, but these contractors might not have had the same level of background check conducted on them that someone at a professional shuttle company will. A professional driver is also more likely to have greater experience with driving the city's streets on a daily basis, as opposed to the ride-sharing driver that might only pick up a shift or two per week for extra cash. Your employees will feel safer about getting into a shuttle being helmed by a professional than they might about playing ride-share driver roulette.

For more information, contact an airport shuttle service.