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Want To Save Money? Hire A Transportation Broker

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Transportation is a critical part of the supply chain. Without adequate transportation, you can't get the products you manufacture into the hands of consumers.

Expertise is important when it comes to transportation. You can lose a lot of money if you rely on the wrong individuals to move your products from one place to another. A transportation broker has the expertise and contacts needed to help you efficiently and affordably move your product across the country.

Mode Shifts

Transportation brokers utilize a tool known as mode shifting to help their customers save money. Mode shifts are changes in the transportation method used to ship products. A mode shift can be especially helpful if the volume of products that you ship out varies.

Your broker will be able to determine if a full truckload, partial truckload, or intermodal approach is best for your shipment. Using the right transportation mode for each individual load can significantly reduce your shipping costs over time.

Management and Oversight

Using a transportation broker can be an effective way to reduce your company's labor costs. Without a broker, you would have to rely on an in-house employee to manage and oversee all shipping activities.

The combined cost of an employee's wages, healthcare, and benefits far outweighs the cost of partnering with a third-party transportation broker.

Your broker can arrange for the shipment and delivery of goods to your location and track these shipments throughout the transportation process. You get the benefit of professional oversight at a fraction of the cost when you choose to rely on a transportation broker.

Regulation Compliance

Interstate and foreign shipping can be challenging. Companies must adhere to strict rules and regulations on all shipments if they want to avoid facing steep penalties and fines.

Transportation brokers are familiar with the regulations that apply to each individual shipment. Most brokers maintain a network of transportation companies that can be called upon to make safe and legal deliveries to a variety of destinations.

Access to this network will help you keep your shipping costs low so that you can maximize profits in the future.

Shipping mistakes can be costly for any company. The best way to avoid shipping errors and keep your transportation costs low is to work with a reputable transportation broker.

A broker will have the knowledge and experience needed to match your unique shipments with qualified transportation experts. Start saving by partnering with a transportation brokerage firm today.