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4 Things To Know About Pricing When Renting A Charter Bus

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A charter bus can be a great way to provide transportation for a group of individuals. It can allow you to get to your destination in comfort. When it comes to renting a charter bus, you need to make sure you understand how the pricing will work.

The Type of Bus

First, the type of bus that you rent will impact the cost. If you rent a small bus, you are going to pay less than if you rent a full-size charter bus with nice reclining seats, entertainment screens, and a bathroom on board. Generally, the larger the bus, the more that you are going to pay for the bus.

The Cost Per Mile

Next, many charter buses will charge you based on how far you are driving. For example, if the trip is 250 miles, you will be charged a set cost per mile. Other times, your rental comes with a set number of miles, such as 150 miles in the base price of the rental, and then you just have to pay a set fee for any miles that are driven that exceed the base miles included in the rental.

The Cost Per Day

When you are going on a longer trip, many charter companies will instead charge you a cost-per-day. A cost-per-day can be a nice way to be charged for a longer trip. If you need a charter bus for multiple days, you may want to see if you can work with the charter company to come up with a cost per day. That way, you are not charged more for driving excess miles one day, but not really driving hardly any miles the next day. This type of pricing is best for multi-day trips and is usually more customizable than other payment ways.

The Time of Year

Finally, the cost may depend on the time of year that you are taking your trip. Like all industries, the charter bus industry has times that are busier and times that are slower. During a slow period, you may be able to get a better deal on the rental. During a busy period, you may be charged a little more and you may need to book a reservation ahead of time.

Factors that will impact the overall cost of renting a charter bus include the type of bus you rent, if you are charged per mile or by the day, and the time of year when you rent the charter bus. Always get a quote, in writing, before agreeing to book with the charter company. Contact a company, like A Savannah Nite Limousine, to get started.