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Airport Shuttle Services 101: FAQs

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Taking a flight may be the fastest way to get where you are going, but riding a plane can also be tiring, especially during longer trips. Airport shuttle services are designed to make getting around after you get off of the plane as convenient as possible. Here is a look at some of the most frequently asked questions regarding airport shuttle services

Are airport shuttle services free?

In some cases, shuttle services are provided as a complimentary service by the airport. These shuttles most often shuttle passengers to different points on the airport premises, such as the parking area or the entrance. The majority of these short-trip shuttle services are indeed free. However, those services that have longer routes, such as between the airport and local hotels or attractions, may charge a fee for the ride. You can also hire a private shuttle service, if you are traveling with a group of people, which will naturally mean the services are not going to be free of charge. 

How do you know if an airport has a complimentary shuttle service on-site?

If an airport has one of these services available for travelers, they will definitely let you know in their advertising and on their websites. These transportation services make things super convenient for air travelers, so they are a marketing point that is often included. It is more common to find complimentary shuttle services domestically than internationally, however, so keep that in mind, when you are making your travel arrangements. If an international airport advertises that they have a shuttle service, check to see whether their fees are posted.

Are there seats on a shuttle or do you have to stand up?

The answer to this question can vary from place to place. For those shuttles that operate specifically on airport grounds, it may be standing room only and no seats. However, most shuttles do have seats whether they are making long trips or short trips. 

Are airport shuttles wheelchair accessible?

Domestically, most airport shuttles are wheelchair accessible. They will have ramps to help anyone in a wheelchair get on a shuttle and a dedicated space where the wheelchair can be parked once you are inside.  Not all shuttles are wheelchair accessible, however, especially in international locations. Therefore, it is a good idea to call and request information if you do not see a wheelchair accessible sign or notation on the airport's website where the shuttle is discussed.