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3 Ways To Get Hauling Jobs With Your Cargo Van

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When you purchased your cargo van, you might have purchased it with the intention of using it to make money. There are people and companies that look for people who have cargo vans and small trucks and who are willing to make runs for them, such as delivering certain items to customers or sending a gift to someone. You might have made some money with this in the past, but you could be having trouble finding more hauling jobs for your cargo van. These are some of the ways that you can find these jobs.

1. Look for Online Load Boards

There are online load boards that are used specifically so that businesses and individuals can put out advertisements just for people with cargo vans and small trucks. Find load boards that are active with people and companies from your area, and check them several times throughout the day to make sure that you don't miss out on any job opportunities. You might find enough work through a local load board that you don't have to look for gigs for your cargo van in other ways.

2. Contact Local Businesses

Some of the local businesses in your area might be able to make use of your services. For example, if there are florists in your area, they might want to work with you to get help with delivering flowers to their customers. Contact some of the different businesses in your area to ask if they have their own delivery methods or if they might need some help. They may be willing to hire you for your services, since it will prevent them from having to buy their own cargo vans or hire their own employees for delivery jobs.

3. Advertise Your Own Services

You don't have to look for specific individuals or businesses that might be looking for cargo van services. Instead, you can advertise your own services so that others can call you when they need your help. Consider making up business cards or even making your own website, or advertise your services on social media. Make sure that all of your friends and family members know that this is something that you're looking to do, and post information about your services on local classifieds websites or in the newspaper. Once the word gets out that you have a cargo van and are looking to make deliveries for others, you might get more phone calls than you can even keep up with.

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