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How to Make the Most of Your Limo Rental

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Are you considering renting a limo for your next big outing? Whether you are sending the kids to prom, taking your special someone for a night on the town, or anything in between, renting a limo is the perfect way to make your night (or day!) special and memorable. However, if you are new to renting limos, then you may not be aware of some insider tips that could really help you to get the most from your limousine service and to enjoy your special mode of transportation to the fullest.

Request Decorations

Many people are unaware that the vast majority of limousine services are truly willing to go all out for your special event, and that includes pre-decorating your limo to complement your night. If, for example, you are celebrating a birthday, you can plan ahead to have the limo decked out with birthday balloons and ready-to-serve cake when you get in. The same goes for bachelor parties, graduations, and everything else.

If you want your limo decorated, just talk to your limo service ahead of time and plan the details. This is an easy way to make a special event even more special!

Save Money

Are you looking to save some money on your limo rental but still have the time of your life? If so, consider booking your limo outing for a weekday or for early in the day. Either of these options is likely to earn you a deep discount.

See, most people rent limos for evenings out on the town or for weekend fun, but if you rent outside of these "hot zones," there's a good chance you can get a great deal and still end up having an awesome time!

Include Food

Just as most limo companies will gladly supply the decorations if you request them, a lot of limo services also offer food and beverages, including adult beverages, in the limousine if you request them.

So, if you're hoping to have your guests munch a little and maybe even drink a little on your trip to wherever you're going, check with your limo service to see what it offers in this regard. If your limo service doesn't provide the food and booze, or if you're trying to save money, check to see what the company's policies are on providing the goods yourself. Many limo services are just fine with your supplying your own goodies for the ride.

As you can see, there's a lot more to planning an awesome limo ride than just finding a service such as After Five Limousines and booking the trip. To ensure you and your guests truly have the time of your life with your limo, go all out and follow these simple tips.