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Using Hot Shot Service To Move Your Car? Ask These Questions First

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When you're making a long distance move, it can be challenging to pack up all your belongings and get them to the new place. One of the most difficult considerations during this period is what to do with your car; you may wonder how you'll get the car moved if you're driving the moving truck. If you have more than one car, you will need to determine how to move all of your cars in a timely manner. Luckily, a hot shot service can help you with these problems. They can transport your car quickly to your new city. Ask these questions in order to better understand how the process will work.

Can I Keep Tabs on My Car's Location?

You may want to track your car along its journey to ensure that it gets there and to time your own arrival. Each hot shot company has its own guidelines and can provide you with a number of ways to monitor the movements of the car. A company may provide the phone number of the driver or drivers involved in transporting your car, for instance. They may also offer you access to tracking software that uses the GPS location of the truck that is moving your car.

What Happens in the Case of Damage?

Your car is likely to arrive in its new location without any damage at all, but it's important to plan for the worst case scenario so that you know what the process is like. First, you might want to check with your own car insurance company to find out whether there are any provisions that cover transport by a third party. Next, it's smart to ask hot shot companies about their own procedures. Do they do an inspection of the car before it is loaded on the truck? Are you automatically reimbursed for anything that happens on the trip? If not, how do you file a claim and how long do you have to wait before that is resolved? The more information you have, the easier it is for you decide whether you want to use a particular company.

Can You Keep My Car in a Warehouse?

Unforeseen events may prevent you from traveling out to your new city in the timeframe you expected. If the car is already being carried by the hot shot company, inquire whether they can keep the car in their own warehouse or on their parking lot until you're ready for it. That way, it won't remain unmonitored in front of an empty house.

A hot shot service company can help you relax because you no longer have to worry about how your car will get to your new house. Consult local hot shot companies to find which can offer you the most benefits and the fairest deal.

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