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Hiring An Airport Taxi? What You Need To Know About Taxi Cab Ettiquette

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If you are going to ride in a taxi cab for the first time, you might be wondering about proper procedures and etiquette when it comes to riding in the from the airport taxi. Before you even book your cab, here are the basics that you need to know.

 Pre-Order Your Cab

Cabs often drive around the arrival terminal to look for people to pick up, but there are a lot of people who use taxis once they land. You might have a difficult time finding one, especially if you baggage is one of the last to come out of baggage claim. You don't want to end up stranded or waiting hours for a cab to free up. Call the day before you get on the plane and pre-order your cab so there is one waiting for you when you land.

Don't Doddle

Don't spend time in the airport buying things from the gift shop or purchasing food from one of the restaurants. You know there is a cab waiting for you, and you need to be considerate of their time. As soon as the plane lands, head straight to baggage or right outside if you have all of your luggage with you. If your cab hasn't arrived yet, wait by the curb so it's easy to spot you when the driver shows up.

Don't Ask For Last-Minute Stops

If you have more than one destination to go to, you should let the cab company know when you order the cab. This allows them to properly schedule the cab driver for pick-ups throughout the day. If you gave a destination that will take an hour, he or she might have to pick someone up 20 minutes after you're supposed to be dropped off. Don't wait until you're on the road to mention a few more stops you need to make.

Tip Your Driver

When you pay for a service, you leave a tip. You do it at a restaurant, you do it at a salon, and you need to do it after you a ride in a taxi cab. How much you tip is based on personal preference and the service that was provided. Often, people tip 15% for average service and 20–30% for exceptional service. When you receive your service during extremely busy hours, the tip should generally be higher. Therefore, if you are riding in a cab during rush hour, you should leave as much of a tip as you can afford. It shows appreciation for exceptional service, and everyone loves to be appreciated.

A taxi service is a great way to get where you are going after taking a plane. You don't have to make family fight airport traffic or friends drive you around. Just make sure you follow these cab etiquette tips so you and your driver can both have a positive experience.